Bodies on the Shoreline: Breath, Step, Presence


November Thursday 3rd,  Friday 4th,  Saturday 5th  (11-5pm)

and Sunday 6th (11 to 3pm)

Cost for all four days:  200 pounds full price or 160 pounds concession

Maximum of 20 places available.


Led by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and Goze Saner


VENUE: Studio 3, Goldsmiths University of London, New Cross, SE14 6NW

(from New Cross or New Cross Gate station and 5 minute walk)

(on Thursday 3rd only we will be in St James Garden Studio instead of studio 3)


Booking and full information:



Two mature practitioners, both highly experienced in their respective specialisms of Butoh and post-Grotowskian actor training, bring their worlds together to explore the fundamentals of training for the performer. Our research focuses on the act of walking. By honing in on the intricacy and details of walking, a world of possibilities opens up. Drawing up the writings of both Grotowski and Butoh founders Ohno and Hijikata, we delve, through practice, into the meetings and divergencies between these territories of training.


This workshop is part of a collaborative research project addressing issues around migration through site-specific performance encounters. Future performances, both in the UK and internationally, are anticipated.


Please note this workshop will be, at times, discreetly and unobtrusively filmed and photographed for research purposes.



Göze Saner  has trained, performed and taught in the US, Turkey, the UK, Denmark, Poland, and Italy, with the experimental physical theatre company Bilsak Tiyatro Atölyesi (2000-2004), with the international research group The Quick and the Dead led by Alison Hodge (2005-2013), and with the New Winds led by Iben Nagel Rasmussen of Odin Teatret (2005-2008).  In 2005, she founded her company cafila aeterna (, where she continues to develop performances and practice as research projects individually and collaboratively.  In her most recent project, Göçmen Adımlar / Migrant Steps ( she worked with groups of Turkish-speaking migrant women in the UK and Europe. Starting from the figure of a tortoise and combining methodologies such as psychogeography, performance art, physical theatre and autobiographical writing, the project explored participants’ relationship with the cities where they live and questioned (and crossed) the invisible boundary between laboratory and community theatre. The project won a Walk21 Walking Visionaries award in 2015 and is currently being reconfigured into a DIY Migrant Theatre Toolkit.  In addition to being a Grotowskian clown, Göze has completed a practice-based PhD (2009) titled ‘From Tyrant to Clown and Back: An Actor’s Study of Archetype in Performance’ and has been working as a lecturer at the Department of Theatre and Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London since 2007.


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