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Butoh Workshop Wales (BWW) 4: Body, Dance and Land: Becoming Transformations


Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and Nick Parkin


Saturday September 1st (arrival) Saturday September 8th (departure)






We have moved this year from North Pembrokeshire, to exploring the South Pembrokeshire Coastline between Dale and Marloes and St Martins Haven. Our new location allows access to different terrain, rich in geological and archaeological history as well as access to a large indoor hall to continue working in all weathers. The Pembrokeshire coastline was the first Natonal Coast Path, and is often voted the most beautiful coastpath in the world! (Lonely Planet etc). Unlike other coast paths in the UK, such as Cornwall, Pembrokeshire is free from mass tourism and is beautifully unspoilt. One can regularly see seals, puffins, a huge variety of sea birds, and rare wild flowers.


This workshop allows time to cultivate a fluid interface, and a widening field of perception,  connecting our transformational body with the environment.


Drawing upon over 30 years experience of Butoh, combined with expertise in voice, bodywork and soft martial arts, we search for the body of becoming. What does it mean to ‘become something other?”


How can we understand the body as not a fixed or separate entity, and instead surrender, listen, melt, breathe and move with the different pulses, energy and memories of plant, stone, sky, sea, rock, seaweed, lichen, limpets, earth? Eroded surfaces, tides washing away imprints, become metaphors for our body as a palimpsest, exploring the state of constant change within and outside the body, and affirming the cycles of existence that connect is, in both the vastness of creation and in the microscopic world of plants and insects. Place and Time are seen as interconnected entities- as we slow down we enter into geological time, the time of nature with the endless cycles of growth and decay.


Daily Training incorporates techniques from Eastern and Western practices such as mindful and silent walking, bodywork drawing upon energy work such as chi-kung, stretching and basic somatic work, and Butoh. We also engage in drawing sound and visual/images scores for movement practice.


Participants are encouraged to record their daily experiences in notebooks, sketchbooks, photographs and film and we culminate in the final days in the development of solo or group presentations. We have arranged special talks with local geologists and marine experts for some evenings.



A list of accommodation ranging from camping, caravan, B & B and self-catering cottages is available. Participants are responsible for their own accommodation, food and travel to and from the location, although we can advise on any car shares available.


The village hall has facilities for making drinks and preparing your lunch or snacks. There is a local pub serving very good fresh fish, and a cafe serving basic snacks.  


This workshop builds on Nick and Marie-Gabrielle's long term research into the meeting of human, non-human, post-human and the relation of body to environment.


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 Participant Feedback:  


I thought the workshop was executed really well, I actually really enjoyed the time indoors in the town hall as well.. it was a nice contrast to not have the distraction of the landscape/elements for a short while to focus on movement and then take it outside. I know it defeats the purpose of a wilderness workshop to suggest being indoors, but for those people (like me) who are new to dance It was a good exercise. (Charlotte)



It is a great experience for me to feel the nature and reflect my on my life in city. Also I feel like I have experienced more about the philosophical thoughts behind butoh, nature and human which actually enriches my recent project about nature and theatre! I truly appreciate your teaching and the inspiration from this workshop. (Kit)



Your teaching approach is extremely supportive, responsive and always positive and your generosity with your knowledge was exceptional. The amount of information, guidance, context and historical underpinning covered was enormous in the short time, all of which was consolidated through practical exercises and experiences. Your humanity and gentle humour communicated really well through the whole week. You were both extremely approachable. The group was very supportive of each other which only enhanced the experience (Simon)