Natsu Nakajima Workshop


October 5th,6th,7th,8th

1-5pm each day.

Eastbourne Arts, Bullards Place, Bethnal Green.

Cost £260 full or £230 concession.







About Natsu Nakajima


Natsu Nakajima (b. 1943 Sakhalin, Japan) has been one of the most prominent figures in Butoh dance since its foundation in Tokyo in the 1960s, and one of its foremost pioneers abroad. Training under both Hijikata Tatsumi and Kazuo Ohno, Nakajima went on to establish her own dance company, Muteki-sha, in 1969, with whom she has been performing and choreographing internationally since the early 1980s. Her highly acclaimed performance of ‘Niwa’ at LIFT ‘83 (London) marked the beginning of this international touring career, and led to performances at festivals such as FIND (Montreal), the Nancy Festival, and the Sydney Biennale. In addition to her performance and choreographic work, Nakajima has over thirty years of experience as a teacher, and has been one of the forerunners of dance for the disabled in Japan.


Natsu is one of the few first/second generation of Butoh dancers still alive, teaching and performing internationally. Her last workshop and performance in london a few years ago, was hugely well received.