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Water Lily| Keiko Ikeuchi

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Fri 15 Oct to Mon 15 Nov

Mon, Tue & Wed 5pm to 6pm

Thu, Fri & Sat 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Oxford Playhouse


Water Lily is a photographic series by Oxford-based photographer Keiko Ikeuchi featuring Kazuo Ohno(1906-2010) who was a celebrated pioneer of Butoh, an avant-garde form of dance theatre which is often described as the ‘Dance of Darkness’.

This series was photographed in the 1990s when Kazuo Ohno was in his late 80s. He is dressed as a maiden in a set that appears to represent a kind of purgatory. Keiko captures

the dancer’s physical expressions and gentle movements as they contrast in unexpected ways with his striking appearance. Keiko Ikeuchi was born and raised in Japan and moved to England to study Visual Communication. Her early fascination with the body as a subject for photography developed to include the capture of human movement and portraiture. She is a recipient of the Patrick Litchfield Award from the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) and is a past winner of the Professional Photographer Magazine Portrait Competition.

The exhibition consists of 15 black and white silver gelatine prints on fibre-based papers and is part of the Photo Oxford Festival Women and Photography: Ways of Seeing and Being Seen’.

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