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What Our Students Say


‘It was completely wonderful to learn from you both, and it was such a rich experience of discovery for me both physically and mentally. Thank you for such a rich learning experience.'

(Liz Atkin: visual artist)

Participant in Butoh Workshop London 


‘I came away with a strong sense of resonance both physically and philosophically.  I felt moved by your expertise and skills each day.  Reflecting on my contact with teachers and practitioners in my professional work and own studies over the past 10 years, I really wanted to say you are an exceptional teaching team and it's a privilege to have had this time with you, teaching of this calibre I think is scarce’.

(Luke Pell: artist and educator)

participant in Butoh Workshop London 

Just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing week of learning. Thank you everyone for being so kind and generous, I always felt welcome and safe. The highlight for me was seeing all your creative work, and your solos - thank you for sharing them. I have been practicing my face and hand images - doing them on the Underground can get you some weird looks! 

Lizzie Hewitt: Massage Therapist

Participant in Butoh Workshop Wales 

First off, thank you so much for having devised such a workshop and for opening it out to all. It was so very well organised and thoughtful, from accommodation, travel to the actual workshops. I enjoyed being in the space, and doing what we did. 


I must admit I wasn't sure about how I would work as I do not dance full time and also don't work in free flow. I was happy that I felt comfortable at the sessions. For me the nature interactions was the best, I very much loved the walk and the interjections of watching, observing, feeling and then embodying. I would like to say a special thanks to Nick for opening up the window to slow down in nature. I do so much in National Parks but now have new ways of doing it, which I am yet to put to practice, but no doubt will.  


Chamu Kuppuswamy /

Participant in Butoh Workshop Wales 

Thanks for this memorable trip and the beautiful photos. It is a great experience for me to feel the nature and reflect my on my life in city. Also I feel like I have experienced more about the philosophical thoughts behind butoh, nature and human which actually enriches my recent project about nature and theatre!

I truly appreciate your teaching and the inspiration from this workshop. Although the weather was slightly unstable in that week, it actually allowed butoh beginners like me and some of the members to advance our dancing techniques and grow more creative ideas from indoor classes. These classes may be useful to be an introductory session for the first few days. In particular I enjoyed the time sharing and watching other people's pieces. Once again thank you for the teaching and organising the workshops and I hope to see you again next year! 


Kit Man Yeun 

Participant in Butoh Workshop Wales 

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