Encounters Series
BBW: Butoh Workshop Wales 

Workshops have taken place in 2015, 2017 and 2018. 

Our next workshop will take place in 2022 when the world is hopefully post-covid. 


Led by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and Nick Parkin, this series comprises an ongoing and annual site-sensitive,research-led, land based workshops based around specific areas of the National Parks coastline of Pembrokeshire, Wales. The research takes the form of open-ended laboratory and workshop formats, open to a wide range of participants and is conducted in collaboration with Nick Parkin. Parkin and Rotie bring together their respecitve specialist backgrounds to ask a series of reserach questions, emanating from the encounter with the very special qualities of Land and environment found in Pembrokeshire. 


''We explore how to physically open, sensitize and relate to the land, how to create material from a creative engagement and connection with nature and the site-sensitive, and look at the potentials for physical and creative responses given by each natural element.

Wind, rock, stone, earth, sky, sand, trees, become entities, partners, in an unfolding of sensitive engagement, listening, and tuning into the spirit of a place and of things as they are. We aim to de-center our human perspective and learn to see things from the point of view of an non-human perspective. To see with the eyes of fish, water, stone, grass and flower. Such a perspective is an urgent antidote to the erosion and disappearing of our relation to nature.'' (Rotie 2018)


''This workshop allows time to cultivate a fluid interface, and a widening field of perception,  connecting our transformational body with the environment. Drawing upon over 30 years experience of Butoh, combined with expertise in voice, bodywork and soft martial arts, we search for the body of becoming. 


What does it mean to ‘become something other?” How can we understand the body as not a fixed or separate entity, and instead surrender, listen, melt, breathe and move with the different pulses, energy and memories of plant, stone, sky, sea, rock, seaweed, lichen, limpets, earth?' (Rotie 2018)